The menu


In preparing our dishes we use only organic and seasonal ingredients.
So, what does this mean?

It means that we will not prepare a Tuscan kale pesto in July and that you will not find tomatoes in our December dishes, because our menus follow the rhythm of nature and change with the seasons. That’s why they are so rich in flavour!

Here are just some examples to start your mouth watering.

For us at Zenzero home-made dough and fresh pasta are king: breadsticks, herb-seasoned focaccia, dried fruit panini, schiacciata, pizza, tagliatelle, tortelli, lasagna and more.

In spring and summer we will tempt you with bruschetta (toasted bread with fresh tomato and basil), lasagna with zucchini and zucchini blossoms, tagliatelle with artichoke sauce or rucola pesto, aubergine parmigiana, grilled meats or vegetables, sweet or salted cheese cakes and a cornucopia of fresh fruit.

Ravioli di ricotta e spinaci

Verdure al forno


In autumn and winter we will keep you warm with polenta crostini and red radicchio, creamy pumpkin and ginger soups, lasagna with meat sauce or Tuscan kale, salty strudel with vegetables and beef stew – all topped with a generous dash of just-bottled extra-virgin olive oil. And simply loads of chocolate!


Brioches de Nanterre

mousse ciocco

Here you can see the list of our dishes – sorry! only in Italian for now

The whole menu or single dishes can be adapted to particular needs such as allergies, sensitivities (gluten, lactose, etc.) or dietary preferences.