The Mainstay

  • Arianna

    At the beginning I was a just a humble sous-chef, but my snail’s pace when working in the kitchen soon put an end to that! Now I spend my days chatting and doing calculations, seeing customers, preparing estimates and inspecting locations. And I'm the queen of rentals! My favourite dish: something sweet, anytime. My secret ambition: one day I too, like Nanni Moretti, will shoot a musical, in Zenzero’s kitchen, where else!

  • Dora

    I cook more or less everything: small appetizers, jam tarts, fruit sorbets, granola, you name it. One thing, however, I’m adamant about: No liquorice in my kitchen! My favourite dish: plain rice. My secret ambition: being an Agony Aunt with a “Dear Zenzero…” column, and seeing a whale, even if from far far away....

  • Leila

    Arrangements, communications, accounts, waitress shifts, problem solving, and then the web, the flowers, the dishwasher… multitasking from the crack of down into the small hours. Just as long as I don’t have to cook! “Missed” forester and journalist by chance. Two passions: writing and dancing. My favourite dish: anything that comes in a cocktail glass. My secret ambition: serving “pappa al pomodoro” to George Clooney on Oscars Night.

  • Matteo

    Craftsman of schiacciata and handmade pasta, but also joiner, carpenter, handyman, painter… During Zenzero’s first years I spent more time on a ladder than in the kitchen. Day after day, working with trowel and mortar, I felt I had discovered the secret of the perfect batter (if only…). I dream of an entire country made of dry stone walls in need of restoration. My favourite dish: Tuesday morning pizza – cold!

  • Ginevra

    A passion for scents, a love for details and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful things! I am fascinated by the myriad forms raw materials can take. I style dishes, compose platters and sometimes in my dreams I see trays waiting to be garnished. Kitchen shift, decorations, wine, photography… and then, presto!, my apron is off and I am at the buffet. My favourite dish: “bruschetta” with Tuscan kale and newly-pressed olive oil. My secret ambition: organizing organic weddings in the snow!

  • Francesco

    Before each kitchen shift I go and gather mushrooms. After each delivery of kindergarten lunches I go and say hello to my bees. Sometimes I turn into a plumber / mechanic / handyman, but it’s the grill that’s my undisputed domain! My favourite dish: skate and broccoli. My secret ambition: being the mojito-man in a kiosk on the beach, with David Byrne in the background

  • Francesca

    In Zenzero’s kitchen I roll up dough to make grissini or roll it out to make lasagna, I cook memory lapses and oriental dishes. When away from the stove, I wander among woods and seas and tend the vegetable garden. My favourite dish: whole grain rice with artichokes and loads of parmesan. My secret ambition: to own a set of Pattada knives.

  • Iuri

    To be part of this, trying to experience with full awareness each and every aspect of existential connection: food, friends, environment, social. My role in Zenzero and my most cherished dream coincide: pursuing, remembering, loving this harmony and unity.... Yoga... essentially they pay me to do yoga and participate with joy in everybody’s breathing... cool !!! My favourite dish: a plain organic/biodynamic/zero-food-miles dish, born out of our love for this earth.

  • Veronica

    A degree in German literature and studies in Swedish, but first and foremost a member of Zenzero’s very first service team, thanks to a legendary job interview that lasted all of five minutes. Like the other "veterans", I am also a member of the Premium League dishwashing team and get my nourishment from the liqueur “Amaro del Capo”. My secret ambition: catering for the Nobel Prize in Stockholm. My favourite dish: a salad dressed with salt, “oliobono” and lemon juice.

  • Irene

    My first job call from Zenzero was a three days’ session washing dishes. Even today, I have a particular fondness for the "washers’ shift". But nothing fills me with me greater joy than the moment immediately preceding  the catering, when the staff convenes for the obligatory briefing! My favourite dish: fruit gummies! My secret ambition: to serve an entire rich menu in single-portion shot glasses.

  • Sara

    Among the “zenzerini” I’m more or less the latest arrival. As a new psychologist, I love to observe the movements of the hungry crowd from behind the buffet tables, which I obviously tend to set up symmetrically! My favourite dish: the legendary “schiacciatina”. My secret ambition: making a business trip for a wedding... to South America!

  • Camillo

    I am the youngest of the team: the "little kitchen boy" from Molise, wearing the number TEN shirt in Zenzero’s football team. Punctuality, a spotless uniform and a perfect shave are my trademarks, as taught by my mentor Gualtiero! I love shifts of 12/14/16 hours and entire days “at the stove." My favourite dish: made-in-South cavatelli pasta with sauce. My secret ambition: scoring a back-heel goal at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, during the local derby.

  • Giovanni

    Twenty-five years old, a Florentine born and bred, I love art, interior design and have a deep and carnal passion for cooking. I am persuaded that food can elicit more smiles than a comedian. My favourite dish: a shower of pasta with tomato sauce. My secret ambition: in addition to becoming the KING of the washing-up shift, to arrange a wedding high up in the air.

  • Jason

    I don’t cook, I don’t do decorations, I don’t wash dishes, I don’t do estimates, I don’t serve at tables, I’m the only board member who is not also a worker-partner of the cooperative, but I feel part of the team and, being an incorrigible idealist, try to contribute concretely. My secret ambition: realizing a solidarity economy, served hot and with joy. My favourite dish (at present): bucatini pasta with a vegetable sauce.